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Smoking: a new way to stop smoking

StopSmokingTherapy is a quick and safe solution for stopping smoking effectively and for the long term, thanks to the virtues of plants and medical knowledge.


Subcutaneous injections in the ear for giving up cigarettes tested near Toulouse

On World No Tobacco Day, Relaxnews takes a look at a method combining phytotherapy and auriculotherapy, offered for several months in three “Stop Smoking Centers” in France. What is it and how can you get it?

Trend: Injections of natural products into the ears to stop smoking

Friday 31 May 2019 is World No Tobacco Day. A chance to talk about a method of giving up that is attracting more and more people….


Plants injected into the ear to stop smoking?

The Stop Smoking Therapy, which the public became aware of in an M6 show on 31 May 2019, has been turning a lot of heads. A method presented as revolutionary with injections of plant-based products in the periauricular areas to free its adepts of smoking addiction in a single session. Fake news or miracle solution?

Stop Smoking Therapy: an ultra-effective way to stop smoking?

A new way to quit smoking has been causing a splash for some time. The general public became aware of it through a programme broadcast on M6 in May 2019. This is the Stop Smoking Therapy, a method based on plant-based injections into the ear that allegedly enable smokers to give up in a single session But what is it really?


Professor Robert Aboudaram, inventor of the subcutaneous ear injection for stopping smoking

Professor Aboudaram, with his extensive CV, invented and patented this drug “to inject anti-smoking into the ear” after 30 years of research on the subject and explains in this exclusive interview granted to, the effect of plant-based products in stopping smoking. It is now possible to stop smoking with plant-based injections in the ear.