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EdelweissLab® is a public limited company founded in 1989. Its head office is located in Sion in the heart of Valais in Switzerland. Its name is a reference to the purity and naturalness of the edelweiss flower, also representative of its Swiss origins.

EdelweissLab® specialises in developing holistic and integrated therapies based on natural medicines, and combines a preventive health approach with the development of its therapeutic solutions. Its laboratories combine tradition and innovation to offer patients effective and safe health solutions provided by qualified health professionals at the optimum time.

Its development approach mainly draws on women and men’s actual experience, whether undergoing treatment or acting preventatively, in order to develop medicines and products that truly meet their needs. By using reputable, natural and responsibly sourced substances, its laboratories are careful to respect biodiversity, nature and the people who cultivate it.

The CEMAPS consortium

In 2010, Edelweiss laboratories found new impetus from CEMAPS (Consortium d’Experts Médicaux Autonomes, Pharmaceutique et Scientifique), a medical consortium that consists of medical professors, pharmacologists, scientists, researchers, addiction specialists, tobacco addiction specialists, psychiatrists and lawyers specialising in health law. The consortium’s common objective is to provide a modern response to current developments in human health conditions, always placing the human at the heart of its research.

In 2015, CEMAPS and the management team believed that an effective and natural approach to stopping smoking was possible. The StopSmokingTherapy® integrated programme and its medicine 2.0 monitoring tool NoSmo® was born out of meetings with stakeholders and researchers in the field of addiction, mental health and natural approaches to health, as a response to this major problem for public health and individuals.

Continuing this holistic and integrated approach, which started as a treatment for stopping smoking, EdelweissLab® is now extending the scope to other chronic conditions, the treatment of which is too often reduced to a single component.