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Tabacco it’s over for me!

How it works?


Acting today for my health tomorrow

laboratoires pharmaceutiques EdelweissLab®

StopSmokingTherapy® is the flagship holistic and integrated therapy provided by EdelweissLab®. Stopping smoking was chosen as a priority because of the major public health impact.

In 2015, EdelweissLab® created a first holistic, integrated therapy that combines drug treatment with recognised non-drug therapies, particularly patient monitoring. By designing the accompanying digital tool, NoSmo®, EdelweissLab® made it possible to provide personalised support that is always available, supplementing and enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment delivered in the StopSmokingTherapy® sessions. This support is based on validated cognitive and behavioural therapy (CBT) approaches. It is also based on a dynamic of “empowerment”, consisting of passing on practical knowledge to the patient, to enable them to better manage their health problems on their own.

Continuing this holistic and integrated approach, which was started as a treatment for stopping smoking, EdelweissLab® is now expanding to other chronic conditions, the treatment of which is too often reduced to a single component.


From 2022, EdelweissLab® anticipates marketing five new holistic and integrated therapies, accompanied with their allopathic, microbiotic and probiotic components, along with food supplements, cosmetics and digital monitoring and support tools.

They will focus on nutritional, psychological and cosmetic support for patients receiving cancer treatment in particular, but also integrated interactive psychoeducation approaches, food supplements for various metabolic disorders, and complementary « mindfulness » therapies in multiple areas.

laboratoires pharmaceutiques EdelweissLab®