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Who We Are

The medicine of tomorrow

Awareness and confidence in your health

Building our patients’ confidence in their ability to take action for themselves, their health and their well-being. Patients are central to their health.

La StopSmokingTherapy


Edelweiss Laboratory SA

Our solutions are designed to treat the patient holistically.

We provide both preventive and curative therapies.

Our scientific approach based on nature’s contribution to human health was designed to be perfectly consistent with the major orientations of the main national and international health plans.


Tobacco, it's over for me!

StopSmokingTherapy® is a holistic, integrated and continuing treatment for stopping smoking, taking into account its physiological and behavioural dimensions.
La StopSmokingTherapy

Values that guide our actions.

Our passion, integrity and entrepreneurial and innovative spirit are embodied in everything we do as we strive to achieve our vision.

Believing in nature

Upholding and building on specific and meaningful knowledge of the virtues of nature in all its richness and complexity while ensuring it is protected.


Believing in humanity

Always starting from a strong commitment to support people in their pursuit of overall balance, health, well-being and longevity.

Believing in working together

Thinking differently and cultivating modernity by considering tradition and learning from current scientific studies.